Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunrise at Rishikesh, India

Sunrise at Bank of Ganga River


  1. Thanks Bhupesh !! Watching sunrise at bank of Ganga River at spiritual place Rishikesh is an ideal event...What else once can ask from God ?

  2. River flows in God's land
    like the thoughts in our mind
    sun sets to let us rewind
    our sins and sorrows..
    Confess and you are forgiven..

  3. This is so awesome.. Made me remind of some tough days.. usually we confess to God during night when alone.. And the next day, we feel that we are forgiven and new born.. This is a great sunrise.. perfect for such a new day..

  4. Great Thoughts Rama !! The beautiful truth of life that you confess in front god and start new life.


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