Saturday, November 27, 2010

Waterfall with Rainbow, Shimla Himachal Pradesh, India

We were riding back from Rampur to Shimla on an isolated road and it was almost no man land. We were bored with repetitive terrains and leaning bikes left right.  This spot broke our routine and forced us to stop here. We were really surprised to see this astonishing Rainbow formed with Water and Sun rays.


  1. this is simply great ... so u belong to himachal??

  2. @ Rakesh, Rama and Khsitija : Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

    @ Kshitija, Yes I belong to Himachal, Chamba :)

  3. :) Nice shot!
    But again I will say the same thing to you
    Increase your picture size

  4. Hi Bhupesh, thanks and will surely do that... Not getting time to work on design and template...

  5. Yes Arpana !! The place is really beautiful...

  6. Waterfall is one of the exciting destination place that one can explore during the tour of Shimla. This place is perfect for spending time with the nature and environment.


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